Cutis Clinic

Cutis Clinic

I have been using "NafaCare Prescription made easy". I am extremely satisfied with the technologywhich makes my job Easy, Quick and Hassle free and more importantly, accessibility to my patient records which is useful for follow-up, data analysis and preparing scientific papers and publications

Dr. B.S. Chandrashekar. M.D., D.N.B. - Center for SKIN, HAIR, NAIL and BEAUTY CARE, B.V.K. Iyengar Road, Bangalore.

Samartha Clinic


I Dr. Sunil R, Consultant Physician, is being practicing medicine since 4-5 years. In my busy practice, I was not able to keep the complete data of my Patients, & it was very difficult some time when the patient not bringing the old records.


Now I am using NAFACARE RxEMR software since one month. It is very useful to my data entry, very Easy to use & also less time consuming. It looks quite systematic, orderly pattern. By looking at that even patients have developed good interest about my work & me Personally.

Thanks to NafaCare.

Dr.Sunil R, M.B.B.S., M.D. Internal Medicine, Consultant Physician, Cardio-Diabetologist, Vijaya Nagar, Bangalore.

Dental & Facial Surgical Center

I have been using NafaCare software in the Multispeciality Center at Madiwala for almost a year. Since its inception, the work has become more systematic in every aspect of patient management right from the time patient enters the center till completion of treatment and further follow-ups are meticulously handled.

I strongly recommend its installation in every Poly clinic or Poly dental clinic So that it serves as a ‘Clinical Data Manager’.

With growing medical and dental tourism concepts, the software will be of great use to maintain records. I congratulate the entire team involved in development of this software and wish them success.

Dr.Sunil Dutt.C, MDS, Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery-Dental & Facial Surgical Center,Sri.Venkateshwara Hospital,Madiwala, Bangalore.

Mezan Dental Clinic

Nafacare, in the field of practice management software, is very advance.

Its writing pad make it a class apart, by using the conventional writing method rather than typing, which i was never comfortable with.

It is simple & easy to use, which not only saves my time but also makes the storage of records such as history, lab records & payments less cumbersome.

The great advantage lies in the staff of Nafasys Technologies, who are prompt in servicing amending & upgrading of the software quite frequently.

Thank you Nafacare for making my practice more organized & embellished. It has been a marvelous experience using it since more than a year.

Dr. Abid Pasha. Dental Surgeon - R.T. Nagar, Bangalore

Orchard Eye Clinic


I have been using the NAFACARE Software last 1 month. The advantage of this software is

  1. The patient examination & data entry can go uninterrupted. Especially with a individual who is not comfortable with keyboard.
  2. Diagrammatic documentation can be drawn with colour code. As you do in notebook.
  3. Retrieving is easy.
  4. Case can be stored as per Diagnosis and later it can be analysed.

Dr. Rekha, Sadashiva nagar, Bangalore


Sri Sathyasai Computerized Hi-tech Diagnostic Center

NafaCare has helped me in my record keeping ,billing and has increased our efficiency by 50% .Lab management has become a breeze due to nafacare.